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Mommy’s Cooking Healthy

Featured Item

Vegan Chikn Salad

Plant Based Chikn, Vegan & Soy Free Mayonnaise, Organic Mustard, Sweet Relish, Jalapeños and Cajun Seasonings

16oz @ $20

Customers’ Buzz

Mommy’s Cooking Healthy Vegan Chikn Salad has been Highly 

complimented from many citizens locally in Louisiana. 

“This is the best chicken salad I have ever tasted” - Gloria 

“This taste just like chicken and it is so flavorful” - Lashay

“This chicken salad is damn good, ya heard me” - Rico

“10 out of 10, would recommend” - Montana

“Alicia brought us some of her famous Chikn salad and it was GREAT” - Vegan Friendly Restaurant 

“Better than any other chicken salad in the world” - Akil

“Hands down, Alicia’s Chikn salad is the best” - Rachelalic